PALM KERNELThe difference between the palm kernel oil and palm oil is that the palm oil comes from the ripe palm fruit, but the palm kernel oil is extracted from the raw palm seeds. The palm fruit takes six months to get mature after pollination. Each fruit consist of an oily, fleshy outer layer, along with a single kernel which is rich in oil. The palm fruit is reddish and about the size as of a large plum and grows in large bunches. Each fruit contains a single palm kernel surrounded by a soft oily pulp.

Palm Kernel Seeds, a true native to Africa are used to extract palm-kernel oil from various methods. These methods include roasting the seeds, cracking and grinding the palm kernel seeds to extract the oil by modernized methods. It is designed to extract every possible oil from the seeds. Palm kernel are the leftovers after kernel oil is pressed out from the nut in the palm fruit.

Palm Kernel Processing
To extract the oil from the kernels, proper pre-treatment is required. First kernel is cleaned to remove foreign materials that may cause damage to the screw-presses, increasing maintenance costs and down time. Magnetic separators are installed to remove metal debris and vibrating screen to sieve sand, stones or other undesirable materials.
Kernels are divided into small fragments with the use of swinging hammer grinder and breaker rollers. It increases the surface area of kernels, thus facilitating flaking. Then kernel fragments are subjected to flaking in a roller mill. Kernel cakes thickness get reduced as it travel from the top roller to the bottom.

The kernel flakes are then conveyed to a stack cooker for steam conditioning, the purpose of which is to adjust moisture, rupture cell walls, reduce viscosity of oil and coagulate the protein in the meal, which facilitate separation of the oil from protein material.

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