MACADAMIA NUTSThe Macadamia genus comprises of eight species, out of which only two produce nuts that can be used for human consumption. The genus of this plant comes under the family of Proteaceae, which actually produces mostly poisonous and inedible nuts. The edible nuts from the Macadamia plants have been cultivated over the last one hundred years. John Macadam was the first person to have described the genus, thus, the plant / tree was named after him.

The edible nuts that are derived from this plant are well known for their rich flavour and are mostly cultivated in Australia and Hawaii. Macadamia nuts are available in the market at very expensive prices. They are also very rich source of most of the nutritients required by our body, that is why macadamia nuts are good for our health. One of the major reasons for its high cost is because the nuts have very hard kernels, which are generally very hard to crack. Once the nuts are cracked, the shell reveals an ivory coloured kernel which contains a large amount of oil and has a creamy, buttery flavour. These nuts can be eaten directly or can be roasted or ground into nut butter.

In order to extract the oil from Macadamia seeds, a systematic process of oil processing should be carried out. The seeds have to be firstly cracked and cleaned, MACADAMIA NUTSso that all the unwanted materials are eradicated out in the process. The meat or the kernel of the seeds are further cooked so that the seeds are conditioned. It is very important that the seeds are conditioned as it speeds up the oil expelling process as well as increases the oil yield.

After the seeds are conditioned, they are conveyed or transported to the oil expelling machines / screw presses, where they are fed into the machines. As the seeds enter the machines, they are expelled and hence the oil is extracted. The extracted oil is further collected and sent for refining and filtration, as the crude oil cannot be directly used for human consumption. Due to its high content of palmitoleic acid, Macadamia oil is also a popular ingredient used in cosmetics, especially for skincare.

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