CORN GERMCorn, which is also known as Maize is one of the most popular cereals and is also one of the most grown crops all over the world. Cereal grains mainly comprises of three parts, namely the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. The reproductive part that germinates to grow into a plant is known as the “germ”. It is also known as the embryo of the seed. Corn oil or maize oil is extracted from the germs of the corn.

It is one of the by-product of milling, and is used as a source of extracting vegetable oil / edible oil as one bushel of corn contains about 2.8% of oil in it. The corn germ is obtained through two different processes that are as follows:

  • Dry degermination
  • Wet degermination.
A methodological and systematic process has to be adopted for the extraction of oil from the Corn Germs. This oil is also known as Maize Germ Oil or Corn Germ Oil and is available in the market at very competitive prices as compared to other vegetable oils. This oil is known for its high smoke point, high nutrition value which makes it ideal for frying food. Corn oil(maize oil) is also used in making biodiesel, soap, salve, paint, various processed food, nitroglycerin, insecticides and other products.

The Corn Germs that are obtained through the processes of either wet degermination or dry degermination are used for the oil extraction process. The corn germs are then conditioned and flaked so that the yield of oil will be of a high quantity. After the conditioning and flaking processes, the corn germs are further fed into the oil expellers / screw presses so that the oil will be pressed in the process. The oil that is extracted through expelling is then collected and sent for filtration so that the end oil product can be used for human consumption.

Corn Germ oil is estimated to contain life essential fatty acids and has a very mild taste. It is also a well known source of Vitamin E. Like all other edible oils, this oil is also used for cooking purposes especially for frying, stewing, and roasting. Apart from culinary purposes, Corn germ oil is also used as a biodiesel and for other industrial purpose.

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