Hammer Mills, also known as Disintegrator Machines or Disintegrators are used for grinding oil seeds. It is also a very important and vital part of the oil extraction process, which helps in increasing the quality level as well as the quantity of the extracted oil. Hammer Mills are made of cast iron and are fitted on a spindle shaft. This shaft revolves on roller bearings. The machine comprises of a number of beaters, which revolves at a very high speed in the grinding chamber. The seeds are fed through the opening, which goes straight into this chamber where they are continuously grinded and beaten with the beaters. The fine grinded materials are then discharged through the interchangeable filter screen which is located on the bottom of the machine. Due to the number of beaters and their speed, the materials that are fed into the machine are reduced to fine powder in only a short period. The beating of the seeds can be adjusted and controlled as per the user's requirement.

Hammer Mills are known as the best grinding machine for all kinds of material, besides oil seeds. A wide assortment of highly developed and advanced Hammer Mills / Disintegrators are available in the market today. They are fabricated to have a strong and sturdy body and are also available in different types, size, and capacities. These come with automatic controls, which makes the machines very easy to use. The number of hammers can also be customized as however the user requires it. The use of Hammer Mills increases the output by a large quantity, thus saving more time and energy.

Grinding of seeds with the use of Hammer Mills increases the quality level of the seeds by a large ratio. Some of the seeds that can be grinded and disintegrated with the use of Hammer Mills are as follows:

  • Cotton seeds
  • Ground nuts
  • Copra
  • Soybeans, etc.

Some of the major advantages of using a Hammer Mill are as given below:

  • It provides efficient grinding at the most shortest time, which saves human labour as well as time.
  • It consumes very less electricity power.
  • Available in different capacities and sizes.
  • It needs very less maintenance.

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