Coconut oil has many important uses. They are used as hair oil, cooking oil, massage oil and for many other applications. In order to extract oil from coconut, the kernel of the coconut is dried, cut and pressed for expelling. The dried meat or kernel of a coconut is known as Copra. during the earlier times, coconut oil was extracted by grating or grinding copra and then boiling it in water. These days, oil is extracted from a coconut by crushing the copra. A coconut has a hard cover as we all know. In order to extract and break the copra for the oil extraction purpose, Copra Cutters are used. These are used to break copra into small pieces, which are then put into the expeller where they are made into cakes.

Firstly the copra is well dried and is cleaned well from all kinds of unwanted particles. after the cleaning is done, they are cut into small pieces with the help of a Copra Cutter. The copra pieces are then transferred into a steam kettle and are cooked at a certain temperature. After the cooking is done, these are further pressed in the expellers. The oil that is extracted from the expellers are then collected and are filtered. As we can see, the use of a Copra Cutter is highly important for the extraction of coconut oil.

Due to the advancement in technology, these machines are available in different sizes and construction as per requirement. Copra cutters are manufacture by making use of high quality mild steel and have a robust construction. These are highly easy to use and are available in different sizes and are also capable of handling large operations. The machine consists of roller bearings, beaters, and screen knives / blades and are assembled with accurate precision. The beaters and knives cut the copra into fine pieces as desired. The Copra Cutter is fitted with e V-Belt Pulley so that the motor can be directly fitted opposite the machine. These are highly easy to control and operate. Even the speed of the machine can be controlled as per the requirement of the user.

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