Vegetable oils have been part of human life for millennia. These vegetable oils are extracted from different types of oil seeds and are used for culinary use, for industrial usage and for many other purposes as well. Vegetable oils can be classified in terms of their source and usage. Most of the vegetable oils are obtained from fruits or seeds of plants and these can be classified as nut oils. Moreover, different types of vegetable oils are used in cosmetics, cooking, for fuel, etc. Thus different types of vegetable oil seeds are used by oil industries for the production of various kinds of vegetable oils, cooking oils, edible oils, massage oil, etc. across the world.

Over the decades, oil industry has witnessed tremendous growth and undergone many changes mainly due to the modifications in trading policies. Another reason that led to the massive change in this industry is the consumption pattern alteration of vegetable/ edible oils in India. There are many countries which are considered as the leading producers of various type of vegetable oil seeds in the world. Majorly there are three types of oil seeds such as groundnut, soybean, and rapeseed / mustard that collectively result in more than 80% of the oil seeds output all over the world. Amongst the global production of oil seeds, India contributes a share of 66% for castor seed, 27% for groundnut, 23% for sesame, and 16% for rapeseed.

Oil Extraction from Different Types of Oil Seeds

Given below are the details of typical oil extraction from 100 kg of quality oil seeds:

Palm Kernel 36 Kg

37 Kg
Soyabean Seed

14 Kg
Groundnut Kernel

42 Kg
Sesame Seeds

50 Kg
Mustard Seeds 35 Kg
Palm Fruit

20 Kg
Castor Seeds

36 Kg
Cotton Seeds 13 Kg
Lin Seeds 42 Kg
Coconut Copra 62 Kg

According to a recent report of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), India's oilseed production increased in the year ending September 2009 that may result in the decrease in import rate of edible oils. One of the other important point of this report is the prediction that India's total oil seeds production is around 36 million tonnes, which is more than 6 percent as compared to the year ending September 2008. This has been possible to the enhancement in the production of soybean and peanuts.

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Rape Seed
Cotton Seed
Sunflower Seed
Castor Seed
Ground Nut
Mustard Seed
Sesam Seed
Cocoa Bean
Palm Kernel
Soya Bean
Shea Nut
Macadamia Nuts
Corn Germ
Cashew Shell
Seed Cleaners
Seed Flakers
Seed Crackers / Breakers
Copra Cutters
Decorticators / Separators
Hammer Mills / Disintegrators
Seed Cookers / Heating Kettles
Seed Elevators
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