JATROPHA We supply and export high quality of jatropha seeds, jatropha curcas seeds, jatropha oil, jatropha bio fuel, jatropha biodiesel or any other jatropha oil products. Jatropha is originated in central America and found in many tropical and subtropical areas, including India, Africa, and north America. It is a shrub that do not grows very tall. A genus of Jatropha consists of around 175 succulent plants, shrubs and trees and from the family Euphorbiaceae. Euphorbiaceae family contains plants that contain highly toxic compounds. Jatropha in the recent times has evolved as one of the best alternatives for future biodiesel production. Nevertheless, the variable productivity because of less domestication of plant and ignorance about the long term impact on soil quality and environment make the plant little alienated.

The common Jatropha seed is hard and resistant to drought and pests, and produces 27-40% oil. The remaining press cake of Jatropha seeds after oil extraction could also be considered for energy production. The main production stages of the jatropha include seed cleaning, de-stoning, decortication, meat cooking / conditioning, expelling and filtration.

Jatropha oil is a vegetable oil(but not edible oil) which can be used as fuel in vehicles; and such oils are extracted by chemical extraction (also called the “modern way”). Here, the solvent extracts are used that produces higher yields, and are quicker as well as less expensive. In this process, the most common solvent which is used is Hexane, which is a petroleum derived product.
Jatropha oil is also extracted by the method of physical processing. It has a positive effect as it does not use solvent extracts. The process of extraction leads to a pure and perfect oil, which has great health benefits. Most of the developed countries such as US and many parts of Europe prefer this oil as “health food”. There are other types of extractions that are used in vegetable oil processing such as expeller-pressed extraction, screw press, etc.

In Indian subcontinent the jatropha is promoted as an easily grown biofuel crop in number of projects and is used to produce bio fuel and bio diesel. The jatropha is planted in the sides of railway lines of Mumbai and Delhi and in fact, the train runs on 15-20% biodiesel. In Africa, cultivation of Jatropha is being promoted and it is grown successfully in countries such as Mali.

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