vegetable oil processing

The vegetable oil processing is one of the fastest growing industries, it involves task of processing vegetable oils & fats extracted from various sources of vegetable. The vegetable oil & fats that this industry gives are extensively used for human consumption, medicinal purposes, in animal feed and for certain technical applications. In the oil processing work, oil is processed to get pure and edible oil.

In vegetable oil processing the extracted vegetable oil after filtration is subjected to several series of chemical reactions and mechanical operations. The processing of oil is done for two reasons:
  1. To change extracted oil into pure and edible oil.
  2. To preserve, so that the vegetable oil can be store for long period.
Thus vegetable oil processing is one of the important part of the vegetable oil production industry and is very necessary to get high quality, pure, edible oil, as well as for store and preserve it for long. Several kinds of machinery, tools, equipments, chemicals are used in oil processing in oil processing plants.

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