There are many varieties of seeds which contain some amount of oil in them. These are further processed for extraction and being used. In order to come up with the most optimum and pure quality of seeds, it is highly essential that seeds have to be cleaned and of a proportionate size. Seeds are cleaned by using various methods such as cleaning and dehulling. All oil seeds are not even in size, and In order to reduce the size of seeds and to make them proportionate, the process of seed cracking is necessary. Before the process of flaking and solvent extraction, the cracking of seeds is very essential, especially for Soybean seeds. For this purpose, seed cracking machines(also called seed breaker machines) are used. These are available in different capacities and also can be customized as per requirement. This type of machine also helps in increasing the output by a large quantity as it saves a lot of time and human labour.

Seed cracking machines comprises chilled cast iron rolls, spherical roller bearings, enclosed guards, hydraulic rolls, which are either open or closed, roll feeder, main V-belt drive, and motor stands with left or right drive option. The chilled cast iron rolls necessary for this type of equipment are available as per the size and type of the seeds. Its heavy duty construction and large capacity helps in increasing the output of the vegetable oil milling plants. Another advantageous feature of these hi-tech machines is the user-friendly application and can be easily adjusted and controlled.

The seed breaker or seed cracker machines are mainly used for cracking soybeans. These are also used to crack oil seeds like Rape seeds, Mustard seeds, Sunflower seeds, Palm kernels, Safflower seeds, Groundnuts, and many more. The seeds are firstly fed through the feeder opening of the machine. In order to extract vegetable oil from various seeds, the seeds are cracked and adjusted for moisture content, which are then further rolled into flakes and the solvent is extracted. Only after the completion of these processes, the oil is then refined and is ready for use. As we can see, the seed cracking process is highly important for the vegetable oil extraction process.

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