Some oil seeds come with a dry outer layer or cover. This outer layering is a problem when it comes to the process of extracting oil from the seeds. Thus, in order to extract the most optimum quality of oil from oil seeds, it is very essential to remove and separate the hulls from the seeds. The process for separating the hulls from seeds is known as dehulling. For this, machines known as Hullers are used. The machine shears the seeds into pieces and separates the hull and the meat. The hulls are separated in such a manner that no extra oil absorption is made during the process. Use of machines like Hullers increases the output by a large quantity without any loss of time and manual labour.

This type of huller machine consists of a feed opening, through which the seeds are fed into the hulling chamber. The hulling chamber consists of heavy duty iron rolls which are fitted with rows of sharp knives. The stationary chamber also consists of rows of knives which are fitted against the rotating rolls. These knives help in beating and cutting the seeds so that the hulls are cut from the seeds. Further, the air trap roll is fixed below the main roll, which blows and separates the hulls from the seeds. The hulled seeds then flows out from the discharging section, and are collected for use. By dehulling seeds, the purity level of the extracted oil increases by many folds.

These machines can be adjusted and can be controlled easily, and are available in different sizes and capacities. Besides being user-friendly, Hullers are also known for its sturdiness and strength. These are suitable for hulling various seeds like:

  • Neem seeds
  • Jatropha seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Cotton seeds, etc.

Some of the advantages of the Dehulling process are:

  • It increases the production output by many folds as the hulls are removed without the loss of labour and time.
  • It also decreases the wear and tear of the rollers and presses.
  • Increases the protein level of the seed extracts.
  • High quality crude oil with lower wax content.

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