Another important process in the seed processing treatment is the cooking of seeds. Seeds are cooked or heated before they are expelled in order to heat and condition the oil seeds. By conditioning the seeds, the yield of oil increases by a large quantity. By adding a little steam / water to the oil seeds that are cooked or heated, the moisture content of the seeds increases up by a large level. For this purpose, Seed Cookers or Heating Kettles are used. Although steam is not required is the kettles are run by electricity.

The Kettle is mounted on top of the oil expeller and is driven from the oil expeller. These equipment are all steel fabricated and are known for its sturdiness. They have steam jackets for each compartment, which are welded well with studs and are also hydraulically tested before they are assembled. The process of cooking is done through the steam jackets, which produces the steam. These are fitted well with pressure gauges, valves, steam traps, and a thermometer. The manufacturer that are manufacturing such cookers and heaters make sure that they are constructed in such a away that no heat loss is made. The cookers come in small as well as large sizes as per requirement. Open steam spays are also available on the top as well as bottom compartments. The heating is done in such a way that each seed is heated equally.

With the rise in technology, the cooker and heaters are easy to use and are easily controlled. The temperature of the seed and moisture content can also be checked at all levels as a result of the controls. Each compartment has agitators, which are carried by vertical shafts and are driven by an electric motor through V-belts and gear boxes.

It is very important to heat or cook the seeds in order to open up the oil bearing cells, which then further leads to maximum oil production. Like all other processes such as cleaning, destoning, cracking etc. of the seeds, cooking is also equally important. Seed Cookers or Heating Kettles are used to cook all types of seeds such as Rape seeds, Soybeans, Mustard seeds, Groundnuts, Pumpkin seeds, Olive seeds, and many more.

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