Machining tools have a great importance in the segment of oil mill machinery manufacture. The quality and technology of the machining tools decide the quality and performance of the oil mill machinery. Hence, it is very important that the manufacturers of these machineries use only the best quality machining tools in the production process. One of the valuable machining tools is milling machine or universal milling machine. This machine is a machining tool which is used for shaping metal & other solid material. There are mainly two types of milling machines that are vertical and horizontal. This directly implies the orientation of the cutting tool spindle.

Universal milling machines involve workpiece movement against the rotating cutter and are able to cut on its tip and flanks. Precision leadscrews and ground slides or analogous technology are used to precisely control the cutter and workpiece movement to less than 0.001 inches (.025 millimeters). These machines can be operated via different methods such as manually, digitally automated via computer numerical control (CNC), or mechanically automated.

In general, milling machines have some standard components or parts and these machines can be provided with various attachments to serve a specific purpose. The option of attachment type obviously depends on the type of oil mill machinery to be manufactured using it. Some of the standard features / components / or parts of the milling machine includes Table, Feeds, Spindle, and Motors. There are various models of this machining tool available in the market. Generally, all the aforesaid parts of the milling machines are differentiated with their unique attributes (or specific values) that are represented in the following table:

Tables Working Surface
Number & Size of T-Slots
Distance between T-Slots
Feeds Cross
Spindle Arbor
Number Of Speeds
Distance from Spindle to Top
Motors Spindle

In addition to these standard parts, milling machines have a basic attachment known as �vertical attachment on ram�. In different models of the machine, this attachment has different values of cross, vertical, and speeds for vertical heads (ram type). As manufacturing of an oil mill machinery demands sophisticated machines and techniques, hence a milling machine can be provided with various other attachments like:
  • Universal Dividing Head Complete with a set of gears
  • Vertical Attachment
  • Slotting Attachment
  • Rack Cutting Attachment
  • Rotary Table
  • Universal Machine Vice
  • Hobbing Attachment
  • Machine Lamp

Machine Tools Used in Making Oil Mill Machinery

Machine Tools used in making oil mill machinery

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