Power Hacksaw Machines are an important tool in oil mills machinery and available in various shapes and dimensions. According the need of machinery power hacksaw machines are being used based on various specifications. The hydraulic hacksaw machine helps to provide complete cutting solution by giving positive feed pressure. Modern power hacksaw machines are designed in accordance to advanced technology, which can resist and protect from adverse weather condition.

Power hacksaw are very useful tool to cut large size metals, which has more than 10/15 mm. The base of the machine is called vice where the metal is being held. Turning the handle tighten or loosens the vice. During the cutting blade of vice heats up easily and therefore, need to cool down with the help of coolant. Otherwise, blade can be broken with a powerful force, shattering the whole place. The blade is lowered onto its top surface when the metal is fitted with vice. Blades of power hacksaw are graded based on the material made up of and also number of teeth per inch. The high quality blades are made up of high speed steel and they are expensive whereas the cheaper blades are of carbon steel blades. They are prone to heat up easily. The number of teeth per inch is from 14 to 24. The teeth is directly proportional to the smoothness of cut.

A power hacksaw comes with a foot switch or called emergency button. The switch is positioned at the front or side of the machine and allows the operator to switch on and off at the right time. The machine governs by two pulley wheels and a belt that is placed on the smaller pulley wheel the speed of cut will be fast. To reduce the speed, changing the belt runs through the larger pulley wheel is essential.

Features Of Hacksaw Machines
  • High tension bearing capacity with anti friction ball bearings
  • Cutting arm guided in vertical plate, self lubricated due to grease packing
  • Protected from atmosphere
  • 6 Cutting speeds with dual speed motor (standard)
  • Infinitely variable feed rate and positive hydraulic cutting pressure
  • Motorized hydraulic pump for faster approach of blade to job
  • Full cutting efficiency by positive feed pressure
  • Protected from atmosphere

Machine Tools Used in Making Oil Mill Machinery

Machine Tools used in making oil mill machinery

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