Motor shafts or electric motor shafts are widely renowned for their simple operation and high efficiency. These shafts are used in electrical motors, machines, pumps, and many others that are required for the production of oil mill machinery. Hence, indirectly motor shafts are used to manufacture oil mill machinery and hence their selection becomes very important to the user. Before selecting a motor shaft, it is recommended to consider various points related to it such as manufacture type, rust resistance, type of equipment in which it is to be used, amongst others.

All the good quality motor shafts that one can find in the market are manufactured using qualitative raw material and innovative technology. These shafts have robust construction and are highly appreciated for their anti-abrasive nature and ability to enhance the efficiency of machines in which these are used. These dimensionally accurate motor shafts are available in various specifications, to meet the varied & specific requirements of various oil mill machinery and other machines. Different types of industrial and mechanical motor shafts are linear shafts, precision shafts, rotary shafts, shaft collars & many others.

As there are various oil mill machinery, consequently there are a number of motor shafts; where every model of the shaft is meant for a specific model or type of machinery. Some of the good companies or manufacturers offer the facility of customization to the buyers. In this facility, they develop motor shafts according to the specifications provided by the buyer. These specifications can be anything ranging from size, dimension, to polish. In addition, a buyer can also provide a genuine sample of the motor shaft to the company to acquire the customized product. This service is provided as per company's or manufacturer's policies.

All the standard motor shafts that one can acquire from the marketplace will certainly have various salient features such as:

  • Available in both heat treated as well as non-heat treated types
  • High grade stainless steel and other material used in their manufacturing
  • Available in various lengths with as long as 1000 mm and more
  • Grounded and un-grounded forms
  • Available in different shapes like pinion, threaded, straight, splinted, tapered and others.

In general, the motor shafts are coated with zinc phosphate. Sometimes, these are cold rolled medium carbon steel and hence have close tolerance, which eliminates the need of coating it. However, still these can be black oxide and oiled, which will provide these good looks and will not affect its tolerance.

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