Decorticator and separator are very useful machines in oil mill machinery. They are particularly important oil mills machinery accessory for seed processing of small seeds such as cotton seed, sunflower, castor seed, soya beans, groundnuts and other small oil seeds. A decorticator or separater comprises of a pair of juxtapositioned and fitted with arranged rollers that helps for rotation about their axes in a direction toward each other.The decorticator-separator machine is particularly helpful for compartmentalized hulling and separating of loosened seed hulls from kernels of meat and direct the meat and hulls to various other processing lines. in the processing of seed products it is important to extract all the hulls to ensure the usability of meat for a large variety of food products. The need for more refined full separation becomes increasingly important as more glandless seed products are processed.

The de-linting process is important in oil mills machinery. This process helps to convert hullers to hull seeds whereby most of the lint is taken off the seed prior to hulling. It is difficult to completely separate hulls from the kernels of meats from undelinted cotton seeds, safflower seeds and the like. As a result, meats have been lost through their mixture with the hulls, and hull silvers have contaminated and even made unfit for use.

The decorticator and separator has a rotating cylinder with fourteen rows of knives made up of stainless steel, further, these are supported by extra heavy ball bearings, which helps to move the body in smooth way. The rotating circle is adjustable and concave part of the machine holds five rows of stationary knives. The safety pins further secure the position in case of a piece of metal etc. enters the machine and the concave then opens out. The knives are designed and fitted in a manner so that practically no absorption of the oil by the hulls. By reversing the knives and turning it over all the four edges of the knives can be used for cutting.

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