Oil cakes, which are extracted after the expelling of oil from oil seeds are used for numerous applications. When the oil seeds are crushed, oil is expelled during the process, which flows from the discharging end. The remaining coarse residue that is left behind known as oil cakes. This gets discharged from the cake discharging end of the oil press. These oil cakes are collected as they are to be used for further solvent extraction. They also contain some toxic content, which has to be removed. Apart from this, they are used for various other purposes such as animal feed and fertilizers. For all these processes, the cakes need to be stored. The storing area for oil cakes is known as a Cake Silo.

A silo can be defined as a tall cylindrical structure, which is used to store a number of materials such as grain, cement, coal, saw dust, fodder, etc in bulk. It is also used to store oil cakes, which are extracted from oil seeds. Oil cakes can be used for various purposes after the removal of the toxic content in them. These are then collected and stored in Cake Silos, where these are kept for further processing and use. A silo can be round or conical in shape, and are available in various capacities and sizes.

The oil cakes are loaded and unloaded into the silos with the help of the unloaders that are suspended into the silos and are supported with pulleys and are mounted on top of the silos. Although Silos are very helpful in storing various materials in bulk, they need utmost care in maintenance as they could be hazardous. If not maintained in a proper manner, it could lead to fire breakouts and other mishaps.

Types of Silos

A silo is of three different types:
  • Tower Silo
  • Bin Silo
  • Bunker Silo.
These silos differ in shape and construction. Tower silos are cylindrical in structure, while Bunker silos are trenches with concrete walls. On the other hand, Bin silos are more like bags that are used to store the oil cakes. These can be sealed as per requirement. Silos are available at very inexpensive rates and can be loaded and unloaded easily with the use of conveyors and trucks. Some of the main features of Cake Silos are as follows:
  • Strongly fabricated
  • Ability to store oil cakes in bulk
  • Available in large capacities, types, and sizes.

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Cake Silo

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