After the extraction of oil through the oil expellers or expeller presses, the oil is collected and sent for refining and other such processes. When the oil seeds are crushed with the expellers, a solid residue is left, which is further discharged from the discharging end of the expelling presses. This coarse residue is known as oil cakes. These are either broken up or grounded for further use such as animal feed for cattle and poultry, and also as fertilizers. In order to break these cakes, cake breakers are used. This equipment is used to break the large oil cakes, which comes in sheets before they cool down. After the cake breaking process, these cakes have to be transported to the cake silo or to the solvent extraction plants for further oil extraction and processing.

The process of collecting the oil cakes and putting them in the storage area and for other purposes can turn out to be very time consuming. After the discharge of the oil cakes, they need to be collected and stored in silos. It also requires a lot of manual work. To make the work of collecting and transporting seeds easier, Cake Elevators are used. Since the cakes need to be further grinded or broken up to make them into oil cake meals, these need to be transported to the various cake breaking / processing machines. The cakes are also used for solvent extraction. The cake elevators helps in lifting the cakes into various locations and machines without the use of any kind of manual labour. This increases the output by a large ratio and also saves a lot of time, as a large number of cakes are lifted and transported at just one go.

These elevators are constructed in a highly strong and robust manner so that the lifting work can be carried out in an efficient manner. There are many manufacturers in the market today who are providing top class Cake Elevators at industrial leading prices. Cake elevators are divided into the opening section, the discharge section, and the tank section. The height of the elevators can also be easily adjusted as per the user's requirement.

These are also available in different types and capacities, and are capable of transporting all types of oil cakes which come from Copra, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Rape seeds, Soybeans, and many other such seeds.

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