In order to carry out an efficient vegetable oil filtering process, the use of technologically advanced machines are of high importance. One of the most popular filtering machine is the Pressure Leaf Filter. These are further categorized into Vertical Pressures Leaf Filters and Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters. These filters consists of vertical vessels and horizontal vessels respectively. These filters also consists of filter leaves that are made up of several layers of wire mesh. The inner mesh is for discharging filtrate and also to support the outer layers.

In a Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter(also called vertical leaf filter), the slurries or mixtures are pumped into the vessel with the use of pressure. The vessel is fitted with vertical leaves that serve the purpose of the filter. Each leaf has a centrally located neck at its bottom and collects the filtrate. The leaf is constructed in such a way with ribs on both sides, which allows the filtrate to flow freely towards the neck. The leaf is also covered with coarse mesh screens that support the fine woven filter cloth that retains the cake. The space between the leaves vary in size depending on the formation of the cake and also the ability of the vacuum to hold the cake to the vertical leaf surface. The filtered cake is then dried and is discharged with the help of a pneumatic vibrator through the cake discharging outlet. The wet cakes are discharged through the small opening and the dry cakes are let out through the larger opening.

A large variety of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters are available in today's market, which meet the varied requirements of the vegetable oil filtering companies all over the world. Manufacturers are making all possible use of the available technology in order to come up with the most innovative and well fabricated oil milling equipment. Some of the major features of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters are as mentioned below:

  • Available in various sizes and capacities at the most cost-effective prices.
  • Easy discharge of cakes as gravity releases the cake and lets it drop towards the discharging outlet.
  • Are used when there is a need for large filtration without the use of much flooring space.
  • The filter cloth or woven mesh screens are easily accessible.
  • Simple mechanism as there are no complex bearing or sealing glands.

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