Filtering being a vital and important process in the vegetable oil processing industry, requires the need for the use of very special machinery equipment. Filtering equipment are used to filter vegetable oils from impurities. With the constant rise and innovation in technology, manufacturers all over the world are constantly coming up with state-of-the-art machines for the efficient and effective filtering of vegetable oil. A new generation filtering machine is the Membrane Micronic Filter. A Membrane Micronic Filter is a special and innovative machine that is used in the process of vegetable oil filtration. It is capable of removing all sorts of suspended particles and bacterial slurry that are present in the liquid. The particles or slurries could either be visible or non-visible, and yet this machine can remove such particles with utmost accuracy and sterilize the liquid upto a sub-micronic level.

A Membrane Micronic Filter is able to provide accurate filtering results as it consists of micro porous membranes. even though the micropores are the membranes are small in size, they are big enough to create resistance in the movement of the dissolved as well as liquid substances. the membranes are highly porous and its proper spacing guarantees highly efficient filtration of vegetable oil and also a better separating efficiency. The size of the membrane pores vary from 10, 3, 1, and 0.3 microns. The fine fabrication of the filtering fibre trap the unwanted particles within the membranes, thus filtering the vegetable oil and other liquids in the process. On of the most advantageous use of this type of equipment is that only the membranes need to be changed and not the modules, which has proven to be very cost-effective.

Today, there are innumerable manufacturers who are producing the best quality of Micronic Membrane Filters that provide highly effective filtering results. The size and capacity of this equipment varies from one to another, and are highly user-friendly. Besides this, they also consume less electricity power and needs very low maintenance.

Advantages of Membrane Micronic Filters in Filtering Vegetable Oils are:
  • The quality and output of the vegetable oil increases by a large level.
  • Even the invisible unwanted particles are trapped in the fine pores of the filter, which increases the purity level of the edible oil.
  • High level of loading feature and stack construction leading to the longer working life of the equipment.
  • Only the membranes have to be changed and not the modules.

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