Cold pressing or cold milling generally means that no extra heat is applied while pressing or crushing oil seeds. The heat that is applied to execute the process through friction only. Cold pressing does not mean pressing the seeds without any heat, as oil extraction cannot be done without the use of heat. Heat makes oil run out of the seeds in a faster manner. In fact, it is hard to find oils that are pressed without heat.

The oil that is produced through cold pressing is known as cold pressed oil. It is a misconception when people think that cold pressed oil means the oil that is pressed without applying any heat. Oil cannot be extracted without the use of heat, and expellers themselves produce heat through friction during the expelling process. When the seeds are crushed by applying high heat, the chemical reactions also increase. For every 10�C of heat, the chemical reactions doubles up. It is also known that the more the temperature of the heat is, the faster the oil gets destroyed by oxygen light, and chemical reactions. This spoils the quality of the oil. When too much of heat is applied in the expelling process, the flavour, colour, and quality of the extracted oil. However, the use of extra heat increases the quantity in the yield of oil, which is why cold pressed oil tend to be more expensive than the regular ones.

Cold Screw Presses is an equipment that is used for the extraction of oil. There are ample number of high quality Cold Screw Press Expellers that available in the market today. The lowest temperature that is applied in small expeller presses is around 50�C. Although, the heat in the presses increase due to friction during the expleling process. These are used to press all types of seeds such as:
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Palm kernels
  • Mustard seeds
  • Cotton seeds
  • Rape seeds
  • Soybeans
  • Walnuts, etc.
Some of the many advantages of using Cold Screw Presses are as follows:
  • They provide a high oil yield
  • There is a low content of residual oil in the oil cakes.
  • The pressed oil is light in clour and is of a rich quality.

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