The technology has undergone a tremendous change ever since beginning of oil milling through various seeds, One of the most important point in the oil milling was the inception of Oilseed Mills. These mills use dry flax seed that doesn't have any fine or coarse impurities. These seeds are generally delivered to the oil mill in bags or baskets, as these are the by-product of the crop, flax fiber. In case the flax seed is not dry, it is dried by simple spreading the seeds on the floor of the loft. For the removal of impurities, sieving machine is used although earlier fanning machine was also used for the same purpose. In the next step, the flax seed is crushed in four stamping mortars.

The Oilseed Mills were the second advancement, next to the initial one of Waterpower System. In the year 1975, oil mills used water-power that came from the Monocacy Creek. This dam had a wooden frame with in-built sections on shore that was then installed in the creek. With the passage of time, new inventions were made and the technology improved drastically. Presently, there is so much advancement in the technology of oil mills that the earlier known sophisticated and cumbersome processes involved in oil mills have been made easy to a great extent.

Currently, there are a wide range of oil mill machineries that are able to carry out the new processes very efficaciously. Some of these technologically advanced machineries are Seed Cooker, Copra Cutter, Hand Held Filtration Systems, Filter Carts - Portable Low-Flow Filtration Systems, Filter Skids - Portable High-Flow Filtration Systems, Vacuum Dehydrator Oil Purification Systems (Oil Purifier), Neutralizer Refinery, and many others. In addition, during the processing procedures various other machines and systems are also used such as Seed Elevator, Cake Silo, Seed Cleaner, Bagging, Seed Conveyor, Oil Pump, Cracker, Vibro Screen, etc.

All these equipment, machines, or systems of oil mills are developed according to the new demands, needs and technology of the industry. Furthermore, use of innovative technology in the oil purification, cleaning and other processes, ensures that the user get the purest form of oil that fulfills their expectations and requirements. Now-a-days, all the oilseed mills are constructed robustly and tactically, to include all the required resources and facilities in it, which are required for the oil processing.

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